Thank you so much for your interest in The Sunday Social! We are so grateful that you are here & hope that you can understand the rules that we have put in place to make this subscription group beneficial for all of our members!

Due to the nature of the business & the content provided to our members, there are no refunds offered. If you purchase a membership & then cancel, you will be immediately removed from the community, regardless of how many days are left in the month.

You can cancel your membership at any time & can rejoin the group at any time!

The content in the group is also exclusive to our paying members, therefore it is not to be re-distributed. If it is brought to our attention that someone is sharing the graphics, posts, or content for others to use, they will be removed and payment will be cancelled for the months to follow.

Have questions or comments?

Please contact us at jointhesundaysocial@gmail.com.